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The community of Strawberry Mansion, as well as the city of Philadelphia, provide many opportunities to make connections and receive support of various kinds. Spend time learning of the history of Strawberry Mansion and engage in the positive energy Strawberry Mansion, and the city of Philadelphia, provide.

Famous celebrities from Strawberry Mansion:

John Coltrane, (whose home is located at 33rd & Oxford) Jazmine Sullivan, Meek Mill, Jill Scott, Larry Fine, Allen Rosenberg, to name a few. Although Joe Frazier didn’t live in Strawberry Mansion, you will find Boxers Trail, named after him in East Fairmount Park.

A short list of the many things Strawberry Mansion has to offer:

Strawberry Mansion Ride Guide

Historic Strawberry Mansion

Strawberry Mansion Neighborhood Action Center (NAC)

Strawberry Mansion Community Development Corporation (SMCDC)

Strawberry Mansion Health Center

2840 W. Dauphin St
Philadelphia, PA 19132
3 blocks from Strawberry Mansion High School

Strawberry Mansion Learning Center

Mander Playground

Philadelphia Latinx Services

Committed Community Mentors

Netter Center for Community Partnerships
Mr. Eric Williamson
Nutrition Education Partnerships Manager
Agatston Urban Nutrition Initiative