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Are you on track for graduation?

Your assigned School Counselor, Dr. Russell, will review with you
your grades, completed credits, and PA State Act 158 requirements,
recently mandated by the PA State Dept. of Education.

5 Pathways to Graduation

Dr. Russell will assist you with tracking all high school graduation requirements.
Beginning discussions in 9th grade is important.

Credit Requirements By Year:
Promotion from 9th to 10th – 5 credits

Promotion from 10th to 11th – 11 credits

Promotion from 11th to 12th – 17.5 credits

Students are required to earn 23.5 credits to graduate


Students must have credits in the following categories:

English – 4
Social Studies – 4
Science – 3
Math – 3
Electives – 4 (one must be a Math/Science credit)
World Language  – 2
Arts & Humanities – 2
Physical Education – 1
Health – .5  (SMHS offers full year credit)

Students will complete a senior project

Requisitos de Graduación