Posted on May 11, 2021
Categories: News, Parents

SDP has partnered with DOCs Health to provide on-site Student COVID-19 testing in our school. Students will be randomly assigned to testing groups of 20% of the population. Complex needs students who are unable to mask efficiently will be tested weekly.

With minimum disruption of the school day, students will report to the testing area being managed by the school nurse. Members of the DOCs Health team will provide your student with a nasal swab in which the student will be able to swipe their own nose. If a student is unable to perform the nasal swab, assistance will be provided by a DOCs Health team member, being supervised by the school nurse.

Results from the test are given in 15 minutes. All results will be provided to the school nurse and shared with students and parents. For additional questions regarding Student COVID-19 testing please contact There is also more information about this testing and other testing procedures and opportunities on the District website.